Europe’s food industry is losing its competitive edge in the industry

According to the FoodDrinkEurope report, European institutions have developed a specific policy that is tailored to the food industry on whether there is a risk of losing out to non-EU manufacturers or not.

The trade association in Europe that represents the best of the food and drink has submitted a list of priorities for the Greek presidency of the Council of the European Union. The European Commission Union is also recognized to contribute to the European economy and develop industry specific policies in order to encourage the growth in the market.

Nonetheless, it has released a Competitiveness Report for the year 2013-2014 whereby it demonstrates the growth and stability of the industry, as well as its efforts to participate on an international stage in terms of productivity, R&D investment, and exports.

The report elaborates on industry-specific policies and improvement in competitiveness to achieve an establishment of a permanent High Level Forum to execute this policy.

Although the reports say that Europe’s economy and food market is losing its edge in the competitive market, but the fact remains that it only eliminates the barriers to trade and increases the chances of the transition towards a more sustainable food system and industrial growth. The sheer focus is on the increase of productivity, better promotion of science, and support for SMEs. 

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