Self-Driving Cars Experience Trouble With Darker Skin

AI is not new to human-like troubles. Recently, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon’s facial recognition technology was in news due to its bias against people with darker skin tones. The self-driving cars have met with a similar fate. Georgia Tech scientists have analyzed a mass footage, in which self-driving cars had trouble detecting people with darker skin tones. Georgia Tech researchers analyzed videos from Berkekely, New York, San Jose, and San


What commonly believed is efficient computer systems, with bulky hardware and high-end processors are essential for autonomous driving vehicles. For a layman, driverless vehicles need support of costly computer hardware and high-end processors to run heavy applications. After all it is technology that has to make intelligent decisions on the roads! However, a new development in the space is falsifying such beliefs. An initiative of a startup, it envisions delivering

Android OS and IoT Devices Lift Smart Rings Market to New Heights

Smart rings are cyclic-shaped wearable devices which help consumers communicate with other people, devices, keep track of activities, and use smartphones with convenience. The advancements in smart rings market have enabled wearers to send and receive pictures, messages, contact information without the need to reach for their smartphones. The growing innovation in smartphone operation systems like in Android continues to drive the smart rings market to new peaks of success.

PC Gamers key to the future of Gaming Titles, says Microsoft VP

It is PC gamers who are critical to the future of electronic gaming be it Microsoft’s gaming console or Xbox console, says Microsoft’s VP of gaming. Underlining how crucial PC gamers are for a gaming company, revamping the store experience is Microsoft’s priority at this time. The Microsoft leader emphasized. During revamp, a new store experience for games will be the first priority. The company intends to factor in learnings

BMW, Daimler deepen ties to advance Automated Driving Technology

To make self-driving cars a reality, large automakers are deepening ties. Earlier in the week, in a new development, Daimler and BMW deepened their alliance to share skyrocketing costs to develop automated driving technologies. Nonetheless, the independent efforts of each carmaker continues for driverless automated cars. In this regard, Honda prompts to pool its efforts with General Motors. With the alliance, the two automakers will share enormous cost to design


The sound of mother’s voice triggers kids’ brain activity. Children can easily recognize mother’s voice as their brain responds differently to unfamiliar voice. However Stanford University School of Medicine has found a contrasting fact, while researching on children with autism. Researchers have discovered that the brain response to mom’s voice greatly differs in children with autism. The unique brain response to mother’s tune is highly diminished for such kids. Furthermore,


For Facebook users it’s high time their browsing history on Facebook, and the sites they have visited is not shared using their Facebook accounts. Such practices from Facebook, which have also been a reason of some high profile privacy breach, have landed the social media giant in a soup. For this, Facebook does not want to tarnish its image any more. To pacify agitated users, Facebook is launching its ‘clear


Smart wearables may not replace smartphones anytime soon, but at the very least could help not become a reason for traffic disruptions. Novelty it may be, Nubia’s version of wearable smartphone showcased at IFA last year was a bulky thing. In this direction, Nubia’s Alpha released from this year is certainly nifty, indicating a welcoming move for the technology. At this time, however, details of Alpha are pretty scant. Further

Google Assistant

In this technological era, people are highly depending on their smartphones to get most of the complex tasks done. To ease out such complexities, Google has launched Google Assistant – a feature that can assist people whenever needed. Moreover, Google Assistant is one’s personal Google, more precisely having a personal assistant. However throughout the years Google Assistant could not engage any specific space in smartphones, always lived under the home

IT Robotic Automation Market

Robotic automation process is a kind of application which offers software configuration in computers. Such process further helps in interpreting and capturing the transaction, manipulated data, processing responses, and creating a communication process with various digital systems. Robotic automation elevates the nature of work through stopping employees from doing repetitive tasks. Growing need for advanced automation solutions in several industries, rising demand from IT industry due to increasing work speed