A decade ago, organizations invested heavily to refurbish their office spaces. This included infrastructural upgrades and arranging amenities to add convenience to employees. Also, this aimed to improve office spaces and make them aesthetically attractive for clients and visitors. Nevertheless, this changed soon. Organizations sought hi-tech business spaces available on rent or on a co-working space model. The advantage was it saved organizations from hefty upfront investments. However, this changed


MIT researchers have invented a new fully flexible device which converts Wi-Fi signals’ energy into electricity. This new invention promises to power electronics such as smartphones, wearables, and laptops without batteries. “Rectennas” are the devices which can convert electromagnetic AC waves into DC electricity. However, this time researchers have invented new type of rectenna which utilizes a flexible radio-frequency antenna for capturing electromagnetic waves. Moreover, this rectenna also considers Wi-Fi


“It’s just a touch away” – this phrase is soon going to become history. Yes, you heard it right! Development in technology is all set to evolve the way of communications. Here is how? – It’s a holiday. Penny wakes up to the vibration on her wrist. A swift shake and the smart watch stop buzzing. Groggy and droopy, Penny drag herself to the kitchen, and taps her finger in


JD AI and Beijing University researchers have recently developed PVSS, a progressive vehicle search system for surveillance video networks. This system helps in effectively searching a particular vehicle which appears in surveillance footage. Generally, vehicle search systems comprise of various useful applications such as automated surveillance and smarter transportation. Consequently, such systems allow users in searching time interval and area for finding out vehicle’s location at different times. Furthermore, this


Until two years ago, most political and business leaders across the globe were almost unaware of Artificial Intelligence. Today, the technology promises to revolutionize business processes. Yet, many continue to remain ignorant about it. A study finds that China is making rapid progress in AI, beating the U.S. Further, the study shows that 84% Chinese business leaders believe in AI, while only 38% representatives from the U.S. agree. Also, 25%

Information Theory is Changing Machine Learning Concepts

Researchers have put forward a contradictory idea to the widely accepted working of machine learning. The scientists from MIT and University of Wellington applied the algorithm to typical classification examples. According to information theory, deep neural networks store encoded information within layers. Initial layers hold a signal to the classification of the item. In neural networks, intermediate layers hold information, which helps in the mapping of data. Raw data transforms


Imperial college London’s materials scientists have developed stronger crystal materials after combining metal science with 3D printing. These findings integrate people’s understanding of metals and accelerates the range of 3D-printed materials application in various fields. Moreover, this new invention comes as a potential solution in making of vehicles to medical devices. Generally, 3D printing technology helps in producing engineering components. The printed components include lattice structures, where the material patterns


A feeling of dizziness or nauseous usually comes after watching a 3D movie is because of human brain’s subconscious activity. This happens when human subconsciously detects the subtle differences between the real world and the virtual 3D scene. 3D displays intend to produce a scene to our eyes which is indistinguishable from reality. To acquire this, 3D displays need to deceive the perceptual cues which human visual system deploys for


TbInO3, a rare earth-element exhibits a rare state of matter – quantum spin liquid state, points out a study. Members of University of Liverpool and McMaster University suggest that TbInO3 behaves as a quantum spin liquid in specific conditions. Magnetic moments in quantum spin liquids behave like a liquid preventing freezing, thus giving way for extraordinary properties of the material. Materials in Quantum Spin Liquid State can Find Applications in

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely revolutionizing business processes and operations. With potential advancements in the technology, AI is only gaining more impetus day after another. Furthermore, predictions state that AI will be one of most popular buzz words in 2019. The surge in sales of smart speakers is a concrete sign of rapid growth for AI. Projections are that the sale of smart speaker will exceed 250 million units in