A new development is underway in the opioid overdose treatment space. The Food and Drug Administration is making way for drug companies to have increased access to a life-saving drug. The move also includes lowering the cost of the drug used for opioid overdose. Naloxone, the labeling of the prescription drug for opioid overdose is receiving streamlining. The drug can counter opioid overdose if detected timely. As the move comes


Scientists have discovered a dramatic pattern of bone growth in female mice. After this discovery, UCLA and UC San Francisco life scientists are planning to carry out their further research on this. They are hoping their research could potentially lead to new treatments for osteoporosis and stronger bone density in older women. However, the research revealed that blocking of a particular set of neurons signals helped female mice in building


As per a new research, mosquito-borne virus causing Rift Valley fever can have highly damaging effects on human fetuses. This can happen if the pregnant women by any chance contract the virus. The group of researchers, who made the discovery, carried out their experiments using infected rats and human fetal tissues. Those helped them uncover how the virus affects the placenta. And it turned out that those were even more


The scientists from Washington State University have created a robot for helping elderly people with dementia and other limitations. This elder care robot helps old people to live independently in their own houses. RAS, the Robot Activity Support System uses WSU smart home embedded with sensors in order to detect its resident’s position. These sensors also help the robot in determining the resident’s daily activities and the timings they need


For treating cancer, the deadly disease, several treatments come in the way such as chemotherapy, radiation, and now immunotherapy. Checkpoint inhibitors, a class of cancer immunotherapy agents, mostly antibodies, revive immune cell activities to suppress the cancer cells. Recently, scientists are not focusing on boosting the immune cells through vastly available “small molecules”. However, they are aiming at finding a platform to screen thousands of drugs to sort this fatal

Virtual Reality

Over the past two years, the applications of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare has witnessed an explosion. At present, the technology is in the nascent stage before patients use it. So far, the medical use of VR has been mainly for education. In 2017, Royal London Hospital’s virtual surgery project involved the use of virtual reality. This involved surgeons in different geographical locations to perform operations together for experiential training.


As per a new finding, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to electrocardiogram could be revolutionary. It could serve to be a timely precursor to detect a heart attack. The accuracy of artificial intelligence incorporated electrocardiogram (ECG) endorses its use. It is favorably comparable to other common screening tests such as mammography for breast cancer. Mayo Clinic Researchers say that asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction is characteristic of a weak heart pump. It


The Kaiser Permanente study suggests that hospitalized patients treated with flu vaccine are at low risk of hospital readmission. The Mayo Clinic Proceedings published the study. It also suggests that vaccinating hospitalized patients were not on risk of assessments for infection. The study suggested that the patients who did not vaccinate during their hospital admission remained unvaccinated during flu season. Sara Y. Tartof, one of the authors of studies commented


Silicon Valley has spent US$3.5 trillion on the healthcare industry. In 2018, the investors from the Bay Area and Boston have poured billions of dollars for the improvement of healthcare. Also, they are investing in many start-ups, which may help improve access to healthcare. The trend of using virtual care solutions, medication management apps and tools, and wearables is growing from past few years. Uptake of these systems allows physicians

Genetic Analysis Simplified with ‘Blacklisting’

Scientists have discovered a new method to filter genetic variations. Researchers from Icahn School of Medicine (Mount Sinai), and the Rockerfeller University collaborated for this study. The researchers employed the popular concept of ‘blacklisting’ in genome streamlining. In computational methods, blacklisting is a kind of spam or access control, which blocks unwanted messages and files. This concept is being used as a way to filter genomes. The algorithm differentiates the