A group of researchers from Yale recently came up with a new drug therapy for patients suffering from chronic heart failure. It also serves to improve markers of poor prognosis in people hospitalized with worst cases of heart failure. The latest findings show that the drug has the ability to improve outcomes for those who are acutely ill with heart conditions. Thus it can revolutionize the treatment of heart diseases.

Researchers Use New Antibiotic Treatment for Gonorrhea

The second most reportable, owing to being notifiable, disease in the U.S. is a sexually transmitted (STD) one. It is known as gonorrhea. The ailments affects both women and men. The younger demographics between 15 and 24 years of age is particularly prone to it. In 2017 around 550,000 cases of gonorrhea were reported in the U.S. Gonorrhea infection if left untreated can devolve into ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease,


Operation Desert Storm, which was popularly known as the first Gulf War was a military operation to expel the Iraqi forces who were occupying part of Kuwait. It was considered as a successful response allied by the U.S. with Iraq to stop their attempt in overwhelming Kuwait. A new era of military technology was brought to a battlefield with the 1991 liberation of Kuwait. The after war scenario was not

New Epic EHR Rollout

Electronic health records are rapidly becoming the face of healthcare industry today, allowing the unification of a vast number of users from across numerous sites in a state, country, or a region. But the implementation of EHR systems is not an easy task and challenges abound in the road to rollout. The same has been the case with the New York City Health + Hospitals (NYC H+H), famed as U.S.’s


A new form of therapy might stop or can even reverse a form of progression eye sight loss, which till now has caused blindness. This therapy is likely to be boon, a ray of hope for people suffering with spinocerebellar ataxia type 7. This therapy is expected to treat neurogentic diseases, with no or minimal side effects in comparison to other medications. In the recent issue of the Science Translational

HealthBeacon to bolster Smart Bin for Injectable Medication with €1Mn

Smart technologies that help patients manage medication adherence have gained popularity in recent years among pharmaceutical companies, especially in developed markets. These technologies are increasingly being demanded by patients for increasing medical adherence who take medicines at homes. And spate of funding has been coming in from investment firms domiciled in developed countries, most notably the U.S. Adoption of Smart Bin to drive Timely Clinical Intervention for Chronic Diseases A

Trump Administration to Protect 102 Million People Suffering From Pre-Existing Conditions

Many as 100 million Americans are living with the medical conditions which are not mentioned in the health insurance program such as Medicare. During the midterm elections of 2018, the voters could cast their ballots to debating with Congress for not repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA which is generally known as Obamacare. If the act repealed, 102 million individuals could have to pay an additional premium to

Influenza Virus

Anti-flu drug from influenza virus is currently under development that to be used in the treatment of contagions and genetic mutations. This study was initiated by the scientist at the Imperial College London with the cooperation of Public Health England. This study found that two or more genetic changes would be required for the virus to create opposition to favipiravir (the antiviral drug which was developed in Japan for the

Gene Editing Technologies

CEO of Synthego Paul Dabrowski feels that genetically engineered cells made from genetic technologies could prove to be expensive for end users. To tackle the problem, Dabrowski started working with Synthego where he could actively partake in the process of democratizing access to latest technologies to enable researchers, scientists, and consumers new methods to rewrite codes to redefine human existence. With this motive in mind, his California-based company Synthego has


Supply chain management is crucial for mapping the care of patients, asserted Dr Anne Snowdon, who spearheads the Health-Supply Information Maturity (H-SIMM) – it is a model that combines clinical management with healthcare supply chains. She added that not many clinicians pause to think about it, but it actually provides a useful method to map patient care. Snowdon explained that one of the main issues facing seamless healthcare services is