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A new drug is capable of restricting growth of cancer cells and therefore killing them. Scientists from the USC Michelson Centre for Convergent Biosciences and Nagoya University’s Institute of Transformative BioMolecules cite in a study. Proven results on human cancer cells and mice with acute myeloid leukemia suggest the drug has potential. The Drug Disturbs 24-hour-Cycle of Cancer Cell to Restrict Growth Incomplete sleep disturbs your body functions. Therefore, it


A feeling of dizziness or nauseous usually comes after watching a 3D movie is because of human brain’s subconscious activity. This happens when human subconsciously detects the subtle differences between the real world and the virtual 3D scene. 3D displays intend to produce a scene to our eyes which is indistinguishable from reality. To acquire this, 3D displays need to deceive the perceptual cues which human visual system deploys for


TbInO3, a rare earth-element exhibits a rare state of matter – quantum spin liquid state, points out a study. Members of University of Liverpool and McMaster University suggest that TbInO3 behaves as a quantum spin liquid in specific conditions. Magnetic moments in quantum spin liquids behave like a liquid preventing freezing, thus giving way for extraordinary properties of the material. Materials in Quantum Spin Liquid State can Find Applications in


Last year Facebook dissolved plans to develop a solar-powered drone for Internet signals. However, the company doesn’t seem to be done with the concept yet. Reviving plans, the social media giant this time is testing drones in Australia. It is doing so in collaboration with aeronautics giant Airbus. A document from Australia’s Freedom of Information Act reveals the details of the collaboration. As per the document, last year Facebook and

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely revolutionizing business processes and operations. With potential advancements in the technology, AI is only gaining more impetus day after another. Furthermore, predictions state that AI will be one of most popular buzz words in 2019. The surge in sales of smart speakers is a concrete sign of rapid growth for AI. Projections are that the sale of smart speaker will exceed 250 million units in

Scientists Build Robot to Mimic Gait of 290-million-year-old Animal

Little do we all know about the creatures that existed 300 million years ago. Paleontologists across the world have studied fossils and fossilized footprints of several prehistoric living organisms. However, not many have attempted to understand how those creatures walked. Recently, scientist John Nyakatura at Humboldt University, Berlin, and his team have done just that. To that end they developed a robot that mimics the gait of Orabates pabsti. Renowned


Scientists have discovered a dramatic pattern of bone growth in female mice. After this discovery, UCLA and UC San Francisco life scientists are planning to carry out their further research on this. They are hoping their research could potentially lead to new treatments for osteoporosis and stronger bone density in older women. However, the research revealed that blocking of a particular set of neurons signals helped female mice in building


In a new development, tech giant Google announced that the price of its G Suite subscriptions will be raised for the first time. The hike in price in the U.S. will be $1 and $2 for the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business editions respectively. The hike in subscription charges in other regions will be in accordance with local currency and market. The price for G Suite Enterprise will


Facebook plans to invest US$ 300 million in the next three years to increase its focus on local news. The idea will boost journalism, especially in Western nations where the industry is facing crisis. The move comes after Facebook had announced in early 2018 to de-emphasize news stories and videos, prioritizing posts from friends. Facebook will Partner with Reputed News Publications To test the interest levels among users for local


Recently, researchers from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have found unusual qualities in the light. These activities could lead to an entirely new way of electronic devices and applications. Light plays a vital role in computing and telecommunication. Light has also facilitated a vast scope of telephone calls and internet connections through the optic fiber. Optical Ring Resonators Primarily Used To Control Light According to the Physical Review Letters, researchers