Rohit Bhisey

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money without banks. The global peer-to-peer lending market removes middleman from the process. P2P lending is also known as social lending or crowd lending. Traditionally, individuals and small businesses who want a loan usually apply for one through the bank. The bank would run extensive financial checks on the applicant’s credit history. This is done


The aim of IT asset disposition management is to get value from assets. With technology life span becoming shorter, companies are increasingly looking to recover optimal returns from their IT waste through a variety of streams; disposal, obsolescence, take back programs, quality control and manufacturing rejects etc. IT asset disposition (ITAD) as opposed to disposal is completely in line with the Circular Economy thinking of repair and reuse. Therefore, disposing

Google Map

Google maps helps in the navigation. Such app by Google eases out pedestrians’ navigation process. In 2018 IO developer conference, Google has announced that they were working on a new feature for their navigation app. Furthermore, the tech giant has also declared that the new feature would incorporate AR, AI, and also users’ phone’s cameras. However, Google is highly optimistic about integrating technologies into their navigation app to help the


Artificial Intelligence (AI), though presently latent, is signaling to disrupt the job market across industries. The inroad it is making heralds to eat into careers as varied as advertising, accountancy, news reporting, and more. Its mainstreaming may lead to major loss of jobs in an economy. However, some industries are contending to receive assistance from AI for a wholly positive impact. Healthcare is one poised to leap exponentially with the


Researchers at Northumbria University have come up with a new finding pertaining to the Sun’s magnetic waves. The findings published in the latest issue of Nature Astronomy – a prominent science journal. The finding is on the basis of a 10-year study by researchers at the University’s Department of Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. The finding says magnetic waves in the corona of the Sun respond to sound waves that


Scientists discovered a fabric from synthetic material initiated by humidity and temperature. It has a nano-tube coating and releases energy in humid conditions, by locking it when the surroundings are dry and cool. Researchers at University of Maryland have developed a fabric which automatically controls the heat amount which goes through it. When the surroundings are humid and warm, for example, around the sweating bodies. In this case, it lets

Chemical Conversion Process Transforms Plastic Waste into Useful Products

According to an estimation by the United Nations, each year above 8 million tons of plastic flows into the oceans. Researchers from Purdue University are carrying out their experiments in order to minimize plastic waste pollution. They have discovered a chemical conversion process which shows positive result in transforming the world’s plastic waste. Such chemical process turns polyolefin waste into various valuable products. However, Linda Wang, Professor at Purdue University

Parent-Child Conflicts During Early Years Cause Difficulties in Charting Life Path

Researchers from Washington University are carrying out an experiment on parent-child relationships. They have found children who had conflict with their mothers in early age, are going through more difficulties in life. Furthermore, the confliction might trouble the children to find a purpose in their life when they hit adulthood. Patrick Hill, associate professor in Arts and Science said that these findings clear the concept on charting life path. He

Soft drink

Soft drinks are among the common beverages across the world. In the past few years, the demand for soft drinks has shot up significantly, owing to various factors. On the other hand, the market is also undergoing transition in terms of innovation. Technology has played a major role in revolutionizing the soft drinks market. These factors have collectively boosted demand in the global soft drinks packaging market. Looking at the


In a breakthrough development, neuroscientists have found a focal pathway to induce immediate laughter in the brain. The brain if electrically galvanized causes immediate laughter is the finding of research carried out by neuroscientists at the Emory University School of Medicine. Followed by immediate laughter, the stimulation causes a feeling of calmness and happiness. In order to validate the finding, neuroscientists gave electrical stimulation to the brain of an epilepsy