Rohit Bhisey

Will Technology Grant Humans Super Powers in Reality?

Technology is advancing at an impressive pace and many familiar objects and concepts of the past few decades have been taken over by more advanced products or have evolved beyond recognition already. Technology enthusiasts are hoping that technological advancements will also soon allow the creation of augmented super humans through the integration of man and machines. In 20 years from now, some concepts that seem too futuristic for even the

Higher Risk of Cyberattacks in Australia may upset Financial Stability

The banking and financial sector in Australia is set for turbulent times ahead, plagued by several risk factors threatening its stability. One such key concerns that has been categorically pointed by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is the increased risks of cyberattacks, apart from the slump in global growth. The concerns were revealed in 10th Annual Commonwealth Bank Global Markets Conference held recently in Sydney. This is evident in

Washington Imposed Restriction on Technology Exports to Chinese Semi-Conductor Maker

On Monday, the U.S government led by Donald Trump has limited exports of technology to Chinese semiconductor maker, further raising the tension between US and China. The restriction step was taken up by the Trump administration on Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co. might exhibit growing concern among Chinese competitors as they can divest American technology suppliers from business, resulting in military with no source of components. In order to make

Technology Brings in a Paradigm Shift in Perspective Towards Food

For any food company worth its salt, it is of utmost importance to learn about their customers’ preference. They are keen to figure out if their customers – both current and potential – are vegan or prefer plant-based proteins. In its constant quest to uncover consumers’ food habits, a consultant at the food industry named Dave Donnan said technology also does affect their food habits. He revealed this while speaking

HealthBeacon to bolster Smart Bin for Injectable Medication with €1Mn

Smart technologies that help patients manage medication adherence have gained popularity in recent years among pharmaceutical companies, especially in developed markets. These technologies are increasingly being demanded by patients for increasing medical adherence who take medicines at homes. And spate of funding has been coming in from investment firms domiciled in developed countries, most notably the U.S. Adoption of Smart Bin to drive Timely Clinical Intervention for Chronic Diseases A


Hotel Internet Services (HIS) has received patent by the USPTO for data security protocol employed in the BeyondTV devices. BeyondTV is a leading platform for hotel guests for accessing the online content from live streaming or wireless cats from personal devices along with television set in the guestroom. This has issued the patent no. 10,097,864 and named the ‘Guest Personal Data Protection.’ The technology provides security that deletes the complete


In a hyper-connected world, where consumer attention is fleeting, keeping them engaged with new offerings has become an important strategy for companies operating across industries. In line with it, McDonald has always had something new to offer to its customers. For instance, in 2015 it accepted a longstanding customer demand to have all-day breakfast.  This helped it to resuscitate business yet again. Now once again, McDonald has tweaked its breakfast

Survey on Programming Autonomous Vehicles Shows Distinct Preferences

A large-scale survey by MIT researchers has shown certain distinct global preferences when it comes to the ethics of autonomous vehicles or driverless cars. They also found regional variations to the broader global patterns. The survey took into consideration more than 2 million online participants from around 200 nations. It banked upon versions of classic ethical conundrum, known as the “Trolley Problem.” The issue entails scenarios in which a vehicle

Celebrate New Year

It appears that celebrating New Year’s Eve twice on different days of the year may need time travel. In all likelihood, this makes the event impractical to imagine at present and at least for several years to come. But, hold your breath. This may be possible for 2019, thanks to a luxury package announced by a subsidiary of travel giant Genting Hong Kong. Revelers, especially couples, can now imagine to

Influenza Virus

Anti-flu drug from influenza virus is currently under development that to be used in the treatment of contagions and genetic mutations. This study was initiated by the scientist at the Imperial College London with the cooperation of Public Health England. This study found that two or more genetic changes would be required for the virus to create opposition to favipiravir (the antiviral drug which was developed in Japan for the