Winamp to Launch a New App as MP3 Platform

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Winamp is one of the customizable music players which is now revamping as a mobile app that will offer another platform to listen all kind of music. This app will include playlists, streaming radio stations, podcast, and other features.

The Winamp released the first product in 1997 and was popular for their freeware media player for features such as utilitarian music playback. In 2002, AOL acquired Winamp and sold to Radionomy after in 2014. Then, the company updated in 2013, thus this news of revamping technology is welcomed and appreciated for the app.

Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of the company Radionomy said the company will avail the new version of the app next year. Users can listen to MP3 songs at home and can attach to the clouds to podcasts and streaming radio stations.

The plan will make the Winamp supportive for both desktop and mobile which can be an easy, searchable, and connective device. Saboundjian avoided sharing more details related to its support to the operating systems like the Apple Music and other audio platforms. Thus, there is very less information about the version and features of Winamp. But this information does not explain any new or added features from what the Winamp used to be, but the integration of this with all other operating systems is a massive step.

The release of 5.8 version of Winamp will be in this week and it will take some time to fix the bugs in the systems and other compatibility issues. However, the revamped version of the Winamp app – the version 5.8 or 6 – are expected to be available by the end of 2019.

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