Will Technology Grant Humans Super Powers in Reality?

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Technology is advancing at an impressive pace and many familiar objects and concepts of the past few decades have been taken over by more advanced products or have evolved beyond recognition already. Technology enthusiasts are hoping that technological advancements will also soon allow the creation of augmented super humans through the integration of man and machines. In 20 years from now, some concepts that seem too futuristic for even the present times will have changed and the idea of humans becoming cyborgs will be very close to its realization, if some idealists are to be believed.

Analysts suggest that owing to the use of technological advancements, augmented humans will be created, several disabilities will vanish or will be turned into advantages, and human augmentation will be of the mental as well as the physical form. Prosthetics, exoskeletons, and a variety of implants will allow for physical augmentation through the use of technology. Concepts such as smart drugs, nootropics, and cognitive enhancers will allow mental augmentation in healthy individuals.

Medical or technological advances are already adopted by not only the sick, inured or elderly but also by the young or healthy ones for boosting their performance or lifestyles. This scenario will further improve and medical advances will be used to further boost human capabilities and also help people with physical disabilities to turn them to their advantage. According to Hugh Herr, Scientist at the MIT Media Lab/Centre for Extreme Bionics, Paralympics will become much better than Olympics in the next 10-15 years and will have better records.

The concept of Singularity, which is used to refer to a phase when humans will be able to multiply their intelligence by a billion times by merging it with the intelligence that has been created, is also gaining an increased number of believers. Google’s Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil believes that the concept will come to realization by 2045. Many more concepts are becoming highly popular and are expected to see realization in the next few decades. So from the present scenario of machines handling a lot of external processes and operations, they will also be put to use to make the human body more cognitive, powerful, and smarter. We are definitely hoping for a future like this, are you?

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