Wild Sci-fi Ideas to Become New Norms in Coming Years


A century ago who would have thought that a voyage to the moon or space would be become a viable option someday? Well some people must have, or else it would have not become a reality now. Roots to extraordinary discoveries and inventions lie in the wild imaginations of men and women.

Taking advantage of emerging technologies is vital for successful companies to retain and expand its existing consumer base and market share. However, a subtle line separates reality from tech hype. Many of the wildest ideas end up being burst, while far fewer become success stories of individuals or groups.

Technical Industry to Invest and Experiment on Peculiar Ideas

4-D printing, brain-computer interfaces, robotic exoskeletons, and “Smart dust” sensors are some of the wildest ideas, which are being experimented and funded by the tech-sector.

Few of the latest technological advancements are already paying off hugely for various companies. In many cases, such happenings are taking place without even consumers being aware of their abilities. A case in point is machine learning, which was once an absurd idea but now is a new normal. Etsy, an online E-commerce platform, utilizes machine learning and it has metamorphosed its search function.

The latest tsunami of technological advancements proposes some bizarre future scenarios where the return on investment is still far from sure. Exoskeletons that can convert man into a more robotic one; smart sensors that come with the size of a dust; and 3-D printed objects that are capable of transforming themselves into 4-D shapes without any human interference are a few examples. Any of these could become reality and commercially viable in the next decade. However, we don’t know which one as yet.

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