Widening Applications Beeswax to be beneficial for the growth of the Beeswax Market

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honeybees. The wax is formed by worker bees who discard in the hive. The worker bees use it to build hexagonal cells to store honey. Beeswax consists of fatty acid esters and long-chained alcohols.
Applications of beeswax are cleaning agents, food flavoring, lubricants, and others. Burning beeswax produces negative ions which attracts pollutants. Pollutants such as moulds, odor, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins aim to reduce the air quality. Thus, beeswax actually succeeds in cleaning up the air and making it more habitable. This attribute can be beneficial to the beeswax market in producing more environmentally-beneficial products. This can garner interest from the European market for an investment.
Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are two major applications of the beeswax market. Cosmetics led the market on account of demand from blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, lip balm, and moisturizers. Pharmaceuticals were the second largest application. It was anticipated to be the fastest growing segment owing to coating properties of beeswax. Other applications are metal casting molding, modeling, candle manufacturing, wood & leather finishes, industrial lubricants, and waterproofed textiles. Demand from diverse applications is expected to result in increased market demand till 2022.
Other applications include soap, mustache cream, wax surfboards, furniture polish, and lubricated zippers. It can be used as a glazing agent when used in minimal quantity. It is used to prevent water loss and provide protection to fruits. Its application in skin care includes petroleum jelly, hand creams, lip balm, lip gloss, eye liner, mustache wax, and hair pomades.
Beeswax has been used in making candles. The wax was used to seal letters in the 13th century. Many seals used by major governments were created with beeswax. It is used to control bleeding from bone surfaces. Beeswax mixed with turpentine or linseed oil can act as furniture or shoe polish. It can be used as an adhesive. It is currently used to glue cutlery handles to knives and attach reed plates to a squeezebox.
Furthermore, it is a main component of mustache wax. This helps in styling the mustache according to the man’s personal needs. It prevents bronze items from dust or ruin. Metals like gold and silver are lubricated with beeswax to give it a sleek and eminent shine. It is still used by cheese makers as a glazing agent. This is more preferred than plastic, as plastic ruins the texture and taste.
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Beeswax is deemed a natural lubricant for wooden items. Even NASA isn’t oblivious to the benefits of beeswax. It utilizes beeswax in a concoction to mop oil spillage. It is used in making musical instruments such as oboe and guitar. Beeswax doesn’t produce smoke or wax when burned and is an environmentally-beneficial remedy. It only emits an aroma similar to honey and gets enhanced when mixed with herbs or oils.
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