Wide Ranging Application Segments of Optical Brighteners Market facilitate Fast-paced Growth

Industry Insights

Optical brighteners are also called as optical brightening agents. These brightening agents are chemicals, which are added to textiles, detergents, papers, and plastics from improving their reflectance of blue light. These optical brightening agents are also called as fluorescent whitening agents or fluorescent brightening agents. These chemical compounds can absorb light in the ultraviolet frequency of the light spectrum and then re-emit it in the blue region with the help of fluorescence. There are over 400 brighteners available in the basic color index. However, a fewer than 100 are manufactured commercially. It has been proved that the addition of polyvinyl alcohol or polyethylene glycol with high molecular weight assists in improving the overall performance of these optical brighteners. It leads to the formation of hydrophilic water-soluble compounds that are primarily utilized in laundry detergents. Some of the key chemical types of optical brighteners available in the global optical brighteners market are diphenyl pyrazoline, coumarine, and stilbene among others.

Asia Pacific to Remain Most Dominant Regional Segment in Near Future

In terms of geographical segmentation of the global optical brighteners market, there are five major regions namely Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and North America. Among these, the regional segment of Asia Pacific is the most dominant segment and accounted for nearly 40% of the overall share of the global optical brighteners market in 2017. China is the biggest contributor for the development of the Asia Pacific market as it is the leading hub for finished goods such as laundry care, cosmetics, plastics, and others where optical brighteners are predominantly used. It is projected that the Asia Pacific market will remain the most dominant one in the near future as the demand for these chemicals is expected to keep on coming from emerging economies.

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