Autonomous Shopping Carts Open Doors for Next-level Smarter Shopping

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A lot of talk is encircling the word autonomous as the year advances.  The concept of autonomous shopping is expanding in the retail sector. In autonomous shopping, store shoppers can experience the smell, feel, firsthand touch, and also view their desired products.

Along with these, there is also a benefit of digital perk for not waiting in the checkout line. The marketeers will tag this shopping style as grab-and-go. Cohen Coberly said in TechSpot that the US is seeing real evolution, not death.

Consumers Choose “grab-and-go” Technology as New Shopping Option

For autonomous shopping, store shoppers need to take a picture of themselves shopping with the cart. A screen will let the store shoppers know about what they are selecting as they wheel the cart forward down. Store’s special offers will merit store shopper’s attention and that will appear on the screen too. A store map appearing on the screen will help in guiding the shoppers through the store.

A survey by RIS News unveiled that 9% of the consumers have already used “grab-and-go” technology in their shopping. The survey also revealed that 59% of the consumers would like to use the technology in their shopping. Now, a company, named as Certainly Caper is supporting “grab-and-go” shopping. Caper offers a smart shopping cart which involves machine learning along with image recognition. The company claims that after equipping the stores with this carts, people have bought 18 percent more products.

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