Welding Controllers Market 2019 Analysis Along With Research Outlook 2027

Industry Insights
  • Welding controllers are used in welding machines to measure different parameters such as weld time, weld distance, final weld position, trigger position, and power and energy for each weld.
  • Welding controllers are used in various application fields including metal working, automobile manufacturing, fabrication, construction industry, electronics industry, shipping industry, and plastic industry.
  • A welding controller performs numerous essential functions – it monitors the magnitude of current; helps to enhance travel speed and decrease spatter on a vast array of materials including aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel; synchronizes wire feeder action of the machine with power supply current; displays weld data graphs, thus helping in visual interpretation of the welding process; and it initiates and closes the current flow to the welding transformer.

Welding Controllers Market – Dynamics

  • Growth of the welding controllers market can be attributed to the increasing adoption of welding information management systems in different end-user industries. The growth in adoption of automation in the welding industry drives the incorporation of welding information management systems within welding controllers.

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  • End-users are gradually adopting welding information management systems to get real time information during the welding process. As a result, the welding controllers market is likely to grow at an impressive pace in the upcoming years.
  • Growing awareness of automation, and technological advancements leads to the adoption of automation in welding processes.
  • Automated welding controllers can ensure high operational safety at low cost in high risk tasks. However, lack of proper awareness regarding the deployment of robots for welding applications causes reluctance among end-users to adopt them, thereby hindering the growth of the welding controllers market.

Welding Controllers Market: Segmentation Analysis

  • Based on product, the global welding controllers market can be divided into spot welding controllers and seam welding controllers.
  • The spot welding controllers segment accounted for major share of the welding controllers market in 2018. The share of this segment is expected to increase and maintain its leading position throughout the forecast period.
  • Based on end-use industry, the global welding controllers market can be divided into heavy machinery, electronics and semiconductors, aerospace and defense, and automotive & auto component manufacturing.
  • The automotive & auto component manufacturing segment accounted for leading share of the welding controllers market in 2018, and is expected to continue its leading position over the forecast period. The increasing demand for quality, reliability, and precision in the welding process and the growing production of automobiles is likely to have significant impact on the growth of welding controllers during the forecast period.

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