Wearable electronics, soft robots to get a stretchable, compressible sensor


Technology is crossing boundaries of impossibilities and paving the way towards excellence day by day. Consequently, the electronics sector has witnessed great technological advancements. Electronic items like wearable devices and soft robots enable convenience and reduce human effort. Furthermore, to increase the efficiency and productivity of these items, stretchable and flexible electronic components such as actuators, supercapacitors, and sensors can prove useful.

New compressible and stretchable sensors developed by Chinese researchers

Chinese researchers recently developed a novel compressible and stretchable hydrogel strain sensor. This sensor can be beneficial to forge numerous soft technologies with sensing abilities.

In addition, the sensor is inexpensive and easy-to-install. Therefore, this factor makes it a perfect option for implementations on a large scale. The hydrogel exhibited a 366 percent stretching range and a 70 percent compressing range. Furthermore, even at this rate, the optimal sensing capabilities were maintained. Hence, it is perfect for highly flexible electronics.

The development of the sensor

The researchers developed the sensor by equal distribution of carbon nanofiber powder (CFP) in the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based hydrogel. PVA is a proven beneficial method for flexible electronics development. This is because of its mechanical properties and the ability of biodegradability. The CFP distribution inside PVA led to an increase in electrical conductivity and the mechanical strength of the material.

The sensors can accurately identify the moments of a flexible electronic user such as bending or stretching of the joints. In addition, this sensor can also recognize the pressure changes that take place in the body when a person is walking. This is certainly a great development in the field of stretchable electronics. Furthermore, this development has the ability to pave the way for further technological inventions that can be totally beneficial for all.

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