Warm Blood Perfusion System Market is Driven by Rising Incidence of Thrombosis and Artery Diseases


Global Warm Blood Perfusion System Market: Overview

The healthcare industry thrives on perpetual advancements in the field of blood transfusion, organ transplants, and disease management. This industry has come a long way from developing amateur machines for blood transfusion to creating robust framework for organ transplants. The survival rate of patients suffering from chronic illnesses and disorders has substantially increased over the past decade. This majorly owes to the development of effective prototypes for administering surgical and non-surgical procedures. The aforementioned factors are a testimony to the stellar pace of growth within the global warm blood perfusion system market.

The rising incidence of thrombosis and artery diseases has played an integral role in the growth of the global warm blood perfusion system market. It is absolutely vital for cardiologists to restore the rate of blood circulation in the event of a heart attack. Improper blood circulation can lead to multiple organ failure, especially in patients who have already suffered a heart stroke. Therefore, the importance of warm blood perfusion system in the field of cardiology cannot be undermined. 

A review on the global warm blood perfusion system market touches on key areas of growth. The global warm blood perfusion system market can be segmented on the basis of the following parameters: organ type and region. On the basis of organ type, the use of warm blood perfusion system for restoring heart health has gained popularity. Growth within this market largely hinges on to developments in cardiology.

Global Warm Blood Perfusion System Market: Notable Developments

Advancements in healthcare research have paved way for several notable developments in the global warm blood perfusion system market.

Availability of donated organs is not the only requirement for an organ transplant. Instead, the donated organ should be healthy at the time of the transplant. TransMedics, a medical device company based in Massachusetts, developed an organ transplant system that can store donated organs for long durations of time. The system imitates the conditions inside the human body to store donated organs in a virtual environment. This development has revolutionized organ transplant procedures across the globe.

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Scripps Health also developed a machine that can help in storing and transporting livers without the use of ice or cold storages. The machine follows the principle of perfusion to create an environment similar to that inside the human body. This development has unravelled opportunities for advancements in hepatology.

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