Rise in Chronic Illness to Encourage Vitamin D Testing Market


Vitamins refer to those organic compounds that are required in small quantities to sustain life. Vitamins can be either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble one and it assists in calcium absorption. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to various diseases and disorders such as osteoporosis and rickets. As such, testing of vitamin level is needed. There are various sources of vitamin D, such as fortified milk, fish, and egg yolk. Skin synthesizes vitamin D upon exposure to direct sunlight, thereby making it a natural source of vitamin D.

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Increase in Diabetes to Trigger Market Growth

Disorders such as rickets, skin pigmentation are results of vitamin D deficiency. In pregnant woman vitamin D, deficiency can result in serious ill effects both to the mother and the unborn baby. As such, increase in consciousness about the harmful effects of vitamin D deficiency is one of the crucial factors that are propelling the growth of global vitamin D testing market

Vitamin D deficiency can cause several diseases and disorders such as rickets and skin pigmentation. Deficiency of the vitamin in pregnant women can cause serious effects to both the mother and the new born. Thus, rise in awareness about the ill effects of vitamin D deficiency is one of the important factors propelling the growth of the global vitamin D testing market. Ailments that are related to old age such as diabetes, chronic illness and other rare diseases are also forecasted to drive global vitamin D testing market.

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Accounting for the largest market share, North America is forecasted to lead the global vitamin D testing market. Asia Pacific is estimated to offer the most promising market for vitamin D testing market over the forecast period. Increase in cases diabetes, expanding geriatric population and increase in consumer awareness are attributed to the growth of the market here.

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