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Virtual Reality to Entertain Travelers on City Rides

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Flixbus is yet to launch a new feature in its upgraded version during the 2019’s. The inexpensive intercity bus service in Europe and the United States is to launch Virtual Reality feature. Virtual reality projects to be the first step in a great adventure into the world of imagination. The computer-generated experience takes place in a parallel environment. This imaginary environment can be like a fantasy or even the real world. Virtual reality systems uses headsets to the multi-projected environments. These headsets combine with props or physical environment to create sounds, realistic images, and other sensations. These sensations gives better than a 5D experience to the user.

Free VR Experience for Reserved Passengers in Flixbus 

The virtual reality feature in Flixbus is to include about 50 travel experiences and reality games. It is although limited only to routes from San Diego, Los Angeles, Tucson, and Phoenix and runs for three months. Once a passenger boards the bus, he or she gets a headset that remains loaded with content. Passengers who reserves the panoramic seat of the bus will avail VR experience free of cost. The company that provides the software updates of the VR at Flixbus is Pico Interactive. It is already providing VR experience for airport lounges and in airlines as well.

The Virtual Reality experience will have a positive feedback from places that it has tested it. France and Spain gave positive feedback on using VRs for public entertainment and welcomes VR with open arms. Flixbus services picks straight routes and avoids twists and turns so about give pleasant experience to their passengers. Flixbus is now operating in 28 countries, and are gaining more popularity by the days.

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