Virtual Reality Paves Way for Better Understanding Cancer Tumor

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Cancer causes cells to divide uncontrollably. Cancerous cells or malignant cells form a lump or growth, which is called a cancerous tumor. Cambridge scientists have planned to build a 3D virtual reality (VR) system, which allows viewers to observe cancerous tumors closely. It facilitates the observers to impart extensive focus on the minute details of the tumors. This innovative model also permits observers to detect the tumors from different angles. Thus, scientists are optimistic to develop new treatments for cancer with the help of virtual reality.

Director of Cancer Research Approves VR as New Way to Examine Cancer

Virtual reality in 3D provides viewers an outstanding imagery of tumor cells. Virtual reality also helps to magnify the appearance of the tumor. In order to discover a new treatment of cancer, scientists from Cambridge University are focusing on detailed studies with the help of VR. To carry out the experiment, a tumor sample was taken from a cancer patient and was observed from different angles. Each cell of the tumor was mapped individually. The director of Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute further states that a new way of exploring cancer through VR might improve treatment in future.

Researchers started the experiment with one millimeter cubed piece of breast cancer biopsy tissues. It contains around 100,000 cells which were cut in thin slices and then stained those slices with markers. Staining helped the researchers understand DNA characteristics or molecular mechanisms of the cancerous tumors. The tumor was then rebuilt by using VR technology.

With the help of VR technology, anyone remotely working around the globe can now vividly examine cancer tumors.

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