Virtual Gaming Industry to Grow Exponentially due to the Outbreak of Corona Virus

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The COVID-19 outbreak has confined millions of people to their homes and has stopped almost every sport, cultural, and political gathering across the globe. No place apart from hospitals is expected to have a gathering of more than 4 people as per some governments. In midst of this outbreak, the virtual gaming sector can witness a substantial rise. According to a report, the virtual gaming industry is witnessing a massive growth since massive number of captive audience is looking for some sort of entertainment while sitting at home. To support the no-social-gathering campaign and to keep the audience safe, Italy’s Mugello motorcycling circuit rolled the “MotoGP” event as “The stay at home GP” on Sunday.

Why Home Quarantine or Self Quarantine is Crucial?

As per WHO’s analysis, COVID-19 or Corona virus spread due to direct or indirect physical contact. The direct physical contact includes handshakes, hugging, and/or touching the affected person. Whereas, indirect physical contact includes, touching the area, assets, or panels, that was being touched by an affected person. To stop this WHO advises that until an effective cure and vaccine is not developed, it shall be better that people maintain social distancing. For this reason home quarantine or self quarantine is highly important.

However, we as human are not used to sit at one place for a long duration. To ensure people like us follow the advices by healthcare authorities, sports events are now presented to us via virtual platforms. This is the reason that the virtual gaming sector is experiencing a major boost during the time of this crisis.

Several legends in sports entertainment industry state that virtual gaming is the best way to keep oneself busy and motivated to stay at home. Users can chat, talk, and have a good time while playing the game of their choice on a virtual platform.

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