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The inadequate and indiscriminate disposal of sugarcane vinasse in soils and water bodies has received much attention in the past few decades, due to environmental problems associated to this practice. Vinasse is the final by-product of the biomass distillation, mainly for the production of ethanol from sugar crops, starch crops, or cellulosic material. For each liter of ethanol, 13 liters of vinasse are produced, so there is a whole lot of it to be disposed of. It is used as a potassium-rich fertilizer and for the production of biogas.

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The report by Transparency Market Research aims to enlighten players in the global vinasse market on the rapid growth and prospects in detail. The study also focuses on competitive dynamics in the market by factoring in weaknesses and strengths of prominent participants.

Increasing demand for beverages is projected to rise production of vinasse over the forecast period. As it is a byproduct from sugarcane molasses, it is useful for alcohol production. Vinasse has high levels of potassium, calcium, and organic matter, which are useful for crop production. In agriculture, it used as a fertilizer and as a raw material for single cell protein production and for energy conversion which is fuelling demand for vinasse. Along with this, vinasse is mixed with soil to obtain soil vinasse, which is then used for the production of non- structural bricks. As vinasse is rich in protein, it is helpful for animal feeding.

The use of vinasse in agriculture is important, but it has several challenges due to its high polluting potential to soil and subterranean water i.e., underground water. Vinasse has high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) values that contribute to pollution. A high BOD can cause damage to aquatic life. Nevertheless, the use of vinasse in chemigation (application of any chemicals) is increasing in agriculture area, along with other area in negligible quantities is increasing the global vinasse market.

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Fertilizing value associated with vinasse are gaining acceptance among consumers with the major exports accounting to the following region. North America accounts for a significantly bigger market; there is an increase in the global vinasse market demand from developing countries. Asia Pacific region is expected to grow to a considerable fraction in the forthcoming years.

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