Vehicle to Grid Technology to Make Way from Paper to Market, Thanks to Increasing Players Participation

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The vehicle-to-grid technology is a niche technology which is still on paper. This technology is a promising solution to energy crisis facing by people across the globe. Vehicle to grid technology aims to utilize your extra energy and distribute it to the people at the time of peak demand.

It is a crossover concept of electric vehicles, power system and information technology. With the successful implementation your EV will no longer a simple transportation means but it can be used as power station to supply electrical energy to the power grid when required necessary.

This will help car owner to get some extra money by supplying energy whereas globally it will help solving energy crisis. However, to make this happen, players have to set complete infrastructure for this for instance setting up a system that involves smart metering, automated control, dynamic pricing, and real-time information exchange. To change the way, the energy is distributed across the globe is expected to be a great challenge for the propagators of vehicle to grid technology.

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Nevertheless, with increase in number of electric car owner to make this technology is expected to offer a significant push to the growth of the global vehicle to grid technology. Electric vehicle players are ramping their investments towards the implementation of the vehicle to grid technology this is another factors expected to drive the global market in the coming few years.

Apart from this, increasing need to replace traditional energy supply system with cleaner and cheaper energy is another prominent factor expected to drive the global vehicle to grid technology in the coming few years.

Additionally, increasing emphasis of the players towards the connected technology and rise in penetration smart phones is another factor expected to fuel the global vehicle to grid technology

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