Varied Initiatives, Government Support, and Wide Application Usage to Trigger the Growth of Bioplastic Textile Market

Industry Insights

The bioplastic textile market may record substantial growth during the forecast period mainly due to the need for curbing environmental pollution. Growing awareness about environment conservation and the need for shifting toward eco-friendly products are some of the factors that drive the bioplastic textile market toward growth. Bioplastics are used in textile items such as medical fabrics, clothes, and sports bags. Bioplastics have several benefits such as non-biodegradable waste reduction, absence of additives harmful to health, carbon footprint reduction, etc. These benefits are expected to prove growth multipliers for the bioplastic textile market. It also helps in reducing plastic pollution to a great extent.

Polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) and polylactic acid (PLA) are highly preferred choices for commercial bioplastic manufacturing processes due to their elasticity and resistant properties.

  • The bioplastic textile market may experience exponential growth during the forecast period owing to a large number of initiatives undertaken by various organizations with government support. For instance, a project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, FIBFAB aims to promote the production of biodegradable and sustainable polylactic acid (PLA) based fabrics for use in protective, casual and formal clothing. Improving the thermal resistance of PLA fibers is also one of the significant goals of the project. Many such initiatives are coming up to encourage the use of bioplastic textiles.

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The use of bioplastic textiles in wide applications such as home textiles, clothing, and footwear has seen a considerable rise over the years and expects the same during the forecast period. For instance, Scoots, the world’s first plant-based footwear brand recently launched PA1 shoes that are made from various sustainable materials. Polylactic acid is used in the production of the shoes while other materials include latex. In addition, stringent government regulations regarding pollution caused by plastic are expected to bolster the growth of the bioplastic textile market.

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