Valerian Root Powder Market Stand Out as the Biggest Contributor to Worldwide Growth 2017 – 2025

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Derived from root of the plant Valeriana officinalis, the valerian root extract is famously used to treat sleeplessness or insomnia in traditional culture, this is due to the presence of valerenic acid. The extract is used both alone and in combination with other ingredients to form balms or other dosage form which synergies the sleep inducing effect of valerian root extract. Apart it is use in treating insomnia it is also used as a nootropic supplement. Enhancing cognitive function by the use of valerian extract is one of its key attraction and is expected to drive the market growth of valerian root powder during the forecast period.

This naturally derived extract offers a much safer alternative to prescription medicines and for those who are trying to withdraw the use of sleeping pills. The valerian root powder market is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the associated health benefits offered by the use of valerian extract, manufacturers using research based evidence and mass communication to spread these benefits. The global valerian extract market is set to take a hike in growth attributed to the high demand among health conscious consumers.

Valerian Root Powder Market Segmentation

Valerian root powder market is segmented on the basis of application and by regions. On the basis of application, valerian root powder market is segmented into three main segments as herbal supplements, flavors and cosmetics. The herbal supplements are further sub-segmented into tablets and capsules. These forms are being used by the herbal manufacturers from a long time and the demand for the same has also been increasing throughout attributed to the health benefits of valerian root extract and the convenience in use of these dosage forms. The approval by FDA for the use of valerian extract as an additive for flavor and fragrance is further expected to fuel the market growth of valerian root powder.

China being the largest exporter of herbal medicines followed by India. There is an increasing demand of herbal products throughout the globe with the major exports accounting to the following regions; North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. In regional segments North America accounts for a significantly higher share whereas rise in market demand originating from developing countries, Asia Pacific regions are expected to grow to a considerable fraction during the forecast period.

The growth of organic food market remains persistent due to the attraction of healthier and safe to use products. The sedentary lifestyle among people is creating an ever increasing demand for health and wellness promoting supplements.

The growing concern among consumers regarding the toxic and the habit forming effect of pharmaceutical grade sleep medicines is shifting the consumers preference towards the natural plant derivatives is expected to show a favorable market growth during the forecast period.

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The valerian root powder form is versatile in use and the applications in use include; cosmetic preparations and additive for food and beverages. The value addition in food product by adding valerian extract such as an additive in bakery, drinks and use as a health enhancing remedy is expected to drive the global valerian root powder market.

Variety of forms of valerian root extract have been introduced by the manufacturers and some of the key global market players manufacturing valerian root powder include; BioTae, Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd., JIAHERB Inc., Foodchem International Corporation, Martin Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, Productos Quimicos Gonmisol SA.

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