Ultraviolet Generators Market 2019 Current and Future Growth Analysis | Sun-Belt USA, Ozone Solutions, Electrolux, RGF

Industry Insights

Ultraviolet radiation is an electromagnetic radiation which is used for waste water treatment, cleaning swimming pools, etc. and has wide applications in medical and electronics industry. Ultraviolet generators are used to provide a cleaning or sterilizing effect which is beneficial for the systems. Ultraviolet light can be acquired by capturing sunlight, or it can be made artificially using black lights or tanning lamps.

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Market Overview:

Ultraviolet generators market is expected to grow at a high CAGR in the coming years, because of the growing urbanization and advancement in the technology. Ultraviolet generators market has created many opportunities for the manufacturers because of growing R&D centers across the globe. Ultraviolet ozone generators are used for high output shock treatment tools which find its application in industrial sectors.

Market Dynamics:

Ultraviolet generators can be used in a wide range of applications like industrial or commercial buildings, waste water treatment, and others. Growing economies and industrialization will boost the growth of ultraviolet generators market. Increase in population has increased the air pollution problems resulting in the depletion of greenhouse gases, which has increased the demand for ultraviolet generators in the market.

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The biggest restraint of using ultraviolet generators is that it sterilizes the water but does not destroy the contaminants, so there is a probability of these contaminants getting replicated which is not beneficial for the water treatments, on the other hand, ozone destroys them completely and therefore ozone ultraviolet generators are highly used. Apart from better alternative, the maintenance cost of ultraviolet generators is very high which is hindering growth in the market of ultraviolet generators.

Growing environmental awareness and the changing trends has created many opportunities for the ultraviolet generators market and is forecasted to grow in the future.

Market Segmentation:

The ultraviolet generators market is segmented on the basis of the application, by end – user and by region.

On the basis of the application, the ultraviolet generators market is segmented into Aquaculture, Waste Water Treatment, Medical Application, Purified Water Treatment, Laboratory Equipment, Swimming Pool, and Semiconductors.

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