UK Tests Autonomous Martian Robots

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Uptill now, the only planet filled with robots is, Mars. This is because of the time duration taken for directions to make a trip to Mars – eight minutes one-way. It has hand guided robots that are constrained to touring just a couple of dozen meters per day.

However, a new software created in the UK will change this. It will help Mars drifters in coming years to decide for themselves the path to follow and how to reach there. It would enable them to travel a kilometer each day. This would help bring in better scientific results in every mission.

Globally, the UK is leading in the field of robotics. The authority is working with business and the education community to support further interests in the innovation. It comes as a major aspect of the advanced Industrial Strategy.

What Director of Growth at the UK Space Agency Had to Say:

• Mars is an extremely difficult planet to securely arrive on. So, it’s essential to boost the innovations from each effective touchdown.
• New, independent robotic innovations such as this, would likely help solve the mysteries of the red planet Mars.

In December, organizations and colleges from UK participated in a software testing in Morocco, at Ibn Battuta Test Center. The organizations include Thales Alenia Space, Scisys, and King’s College London. They also included Airbus Defense and Space, GMV-UK, and the University of Strathclyde.
Specialists from organizations all over Europe, coordinated to test various technologies for almost a month.

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