UK Implement Strict Plastic Plans to Emerge as World Environment Leader

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In case UK plans to emerge as world environmental leader, it needs to stop sweeping its plastic garbage problems under the carpet of other nations, says a report by UK think-tank named Policy Connect. It also needs to implement a strict national policy. This will decrease the amount of plastic in the oceans, and improve the investment in domestic infrastructure, and green jobs.

12 inter-party politicians support this ‘Plastic Packaging Plan’. They believe that the UK should withdraw its control on share of world plastic issues.

Lack of Recycling Policies to Affect UK Growth

Chief executive of Policy Connect, Jonathan Shaw, stated, “The used plastic export by Britain is affecting the UK’s economy negatively, along with that of the entire plant. We cannot impose our plastic garbage issues on other nations. Though, the consumers in Britain are willing to recycle more and more plastic; but UK is short of sufficient circular policies and reprocessing plants. What we need is a strong plastics plan for the nation, on which we all would be proud. This plans aims to save marine environment, along with surge in demand for recycled plastics in the UK.”

Since there is a shortage of investment in reprocessing and recycling infrastructure, and inadequate waste-to-energy facilities and policies; UK presently is exporting around 2/3 of plastic wastes to other nations, 4.15 metric tons to be precise. The practice dates back to seven years before. Moreover, UK Authorities have implemented new approaches for recycling. These approaches confuse the consumers about its usage due to their complexity.

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