Trimethylopropane (TMP) Market Size will Observe Lucrative Surge by the End 2020

Industry Insights

Trimethylopropane (TMP), is an organic compound which contains three hydroxyl functional groups. It is a white crystal in its solid state and when melted it is a transparent liquid. TMP is a hygroscopic compound and should be stored carefully in order to avoid moisture absorption. This compound is readily soluble in water, alcohol and in acetone. It is a very stable compound and does not cause any specific danger to the environment. TMP is usually manufactured in the form of semi transparent white flake and when melted forms a transparent melted liquid.

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TMP finds its use in industrial, professional and consumer application. It is mainly used in adhesives, sealant, coatings, inks, lubricants, greases, metal working fluid, polishes, wax-blends, polymers and plastics, surface treatment of pigments among others. TMP is also used in saturated polyesters for coil coatings, alkyds for paints, acrylic acid esters for curing, polyurethanes for paint coatings and in elastomers, and esters for synthetic lubrication. Out of these TMP is mostly used in the alkyl resin plant, polyutherane coatings and printing ink. This compound is used as a building block in the polymer industry. it is also used as a base lubricant for motor oils. TMP does not have cause any harmful effects either to consumers or to the environment. It is very less toxic to aquatic life.
The key drivers for this market include its use as base lubricants in motor oils, as coatings and in the polymer industry especially plasticizers. These industries are rising at a very fast rate especially in developing countries and is expected to continue rising over the next few years. This rise in industries will accelerate the demand for TMP as well. Due to its non-harmful effects on the environment, it is being used globally in most applications especially as a base oil in motor vehicles. Due to the rise in the construction activity, the demand for TMP is expected to rise at a very fast pace. Developing countries like India and China are expected to see a rapid rise in this industry in the near future thus raising the demand for TMP in the market.
The global trimethylopropane industry is a rapidly growing industry and will continue growing at a fast pace due to high disposable income of consumers in developing countries, continuous rise in the automotive industry and the rapid rise in construction activity especially in countries like India and China. The demand for TMP is high in the U.S., Germany, Japan and China. In the U.S. the demand for this product is high and is foreseen to continue rising over the next few years. In European countries, the demand is comparatively low but will grow at a comparatively fast pace due to the growth in the automotive industry. Asia Pacific is expected to see the fastest growth over the next few years due to increasing number of industries. China is growing at a very fast rate in terms of construction, plasticizers and the  polymer industry and hence the demand for TMP is expected to grow over the near future.To obtain all-inclusive information on forecast analysis of market, request a PDF brochure here.
Some of the key companies operating in the Trimethylopropane (TMP) Market Beijing Beilang Organic Chemical Plant, Heibei Qinhuangdao Dahua Organic Chemical Plant, Hubei Yihua Group Co. Ltd, BASF SE, and Fabbrica Adesivi Resine among others.

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