Trend of Reinforcement of Foods Propels Phytosterols Market

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Growing trend of adopting the reinforcement of foods, which are vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals, has created environment for adoption of phytosterols. The application of phytosterols has surged across food products including milk sausages, bakery products, cold cuts, spicy sauces, spreads, yogurts, and margarine. Government approval for using phytosterols as additives has influenced the market growth substantially.

Widening applications of phytosterols in skincare is driving growth of the global phytosterols market. For instance, in 2019, LaStella, K-Beauty’s skincare brand is trying to develop and marketing of innovative product. The product includes natural ceramides, phytosterols and resveratrol, to help in speeding up the cleansing of dead cells and reviving new.

Thanks to all these factors, the market for phytosterols stood at a value of US$473.8 in 2014 and is estimated to reach at US$926.7 mn by 2021 by expanding at 10% CAGR during the forecast period from 2015 to 2021. This growth can be attributable to the rising adoption of plant-based nutrients in the medicines and food ingredient.

What is Phytosterols? Why it is Important?

Phytosterols is plant-derived compound acts as a steroid and have similar properties such as cholesterols. Due to the structural and functional similarity, the component is suitable to compete with cholesterols present in intestinal absorption in the digestive system. This process helps to lower the cholesterol formation.

Additionally, rising awareness about the health and benefits of consuming phytosterols is driving growth of its market. Additionally, rising prevalence of coronary heart diseases has improved the product adoption to restrict the disease, which is benefiting for growth. However, sluggish shift of the consumer attitude for accepting phytosterols is restraining growth of the global phytosterols market. In addition, risk of replacing coupled with competition from similar functional products is hindering the market growth.

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