Touch, Blink, and Wave – The Future of Communication

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“It’s just a touch away” – this phrase is soon going to become history. Yes, you heard it right! Development in technology is all set to evolve the way of communications.

Here is how? – It’s a holiday. Penny wakes up to the vibration on her wrist. A swift shake and the smart watch stop buzzing. Groggy and droopy, Penny drag herself to the kitchen, and taps her finger in the air. Sipping her hot Mexican brew, Penny is all set to shop for her friend’s wedding.

She waves to check out the new arrivals. Then, she pinches and releases to add items in her cart. Finally, she commands her voice assistant to buy the items for her. Having shopped a lot, Penny is tired. She then blinks to switch off the lights, waves down to pull the blinds, and hits the bed.

Voice, Vision, Touch, and 3D Cameras

Voice-based communications are already in the market today. Moreover, their sales are hitting a record high as they gain popularity. Buying movie tickets or checking out the weather today, voice assistants can help you with all.

Further, touch communications are also prevalent. Touch screen mobiles and tablets have been in the market for long today and make communication much simpler. For instance, typing is easier on phones. Browsing and scrolling is quicker. Furthermore, it improves security of devices adding new unlocking features.

Besides, 3D cameras find applications in gaming and sports. It enhances quality of visuals providing a real-time experience to gamers and sportspersons. Vision-based recognition detects skin tone to recognize individuals.

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