Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Market Anticipated To Grow At An Exponential Rate In The Near Future

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A three-dimensional integrated circuit commonly referred as 3D IC, is a component in microelectronics which is manufactured by assembling silicon wafers or dies and connecting them vertically by using copper to copper connections or Through-Silicon Via (TSVs). It acts as a single device to reduce power consumption and improve performance than two-dimensional processes. The main objective to design three-dimensional integrated circuits is to achieve electrical performance benefits. The global three-dimensional integrated circuit market has shown commendable growth since last few decades and is expected to grow at a decent pace in the next coming future.

Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Market- Competitive Landscape

  • SK Hynix is planning to buy the part of MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp. According to the Maeil Business Newspaper in South Korea, the company is planning to buy MagnaChip’s factory in South Korea and its foundry business.
  • Samsung recently announced US$ 116 billion investment in the non-memory chip research and development and production infrastructure. The move by Samsung to sell the chip to other companies is to take its competitors like Intel, Qualcomm, and TSMC.

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United Microelectronics Corporation

Established in 1980, United Microelectronics Corporation is located in Taiwan. The company manufactures integrated circuit wafers for the semiconductor companies. It also provides mask tooling, circuit design, testing and assembly services, and wafer fabrication. The company serves fabless design companies.


Founded in 1987, STMicroelectronics is located in Switzerland. The company provides energy-efficient and intelligent solutions and products for electronic devices. it also specializes in sensors, MEMS & amp, application processors, smart power, automotive, and Microcontrollers.

Amkor Technology, Inc.

Established in 1968, Amkor Technology, Inc. is located in the US. The company provides test services and semiconductor product packaging. It also provides wafer probes, wafer bumps, wafer back-grinds, and packaging. The company offers wafer-level-fan-out packages used in integrated circuits.

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