Thread Sealants Market to Flourish with an Impressive CAGR by 2027

Industry Insights

Thread Sealants Market: Sealants for Piping Applications

  • Thread sealants are generally used to prevent the leakage of gases and liquids on metal pipes and joints. Thread sealants are anaerobic pipe sealant compounds and are available in semi-solid form.
  • Typical end-user industries of thread sealants include chemical processing, petroleum refining, building & construction, pulp/paper, waste treatment, textiles, automotive, and marine
  • Common applications of thread sealants include sealing of stainless steel fittings, head bolts, fuel fittings, oil & coolant lines, hydraulic line fittings, brake fittings, transmission fluid fittings, and air conditioning fittings
  • Thread sealants are smooth, white colored paste-like compounds that control lubricity to assist assembly and torque tightening. Thread sealants cure rapidly and can withstand high pressure. These sealants cure when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces.
  • Thread sealants prevent galling and protect mated threaded surfaces from rust and corrosion. Loctite, manufactured by Henkel, is a commonly available commercial thread sealant. The product has high viscosity and attractive lubricating property that prevents galling on stainless steel, aluminum, and all other metal pipe threads and fittings.

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Rise in Demand for Piping Applications in Refining Industry

  • Increase in investment in construction and expansion & upgrade of oil refineries are anticipated to fuel the demand for thread sealants market.
  • Rise in oil & gas production requires additional investment in pipeline infrastructure. The pipelines range from domestic lines to transnational systems that deliver natural gas. This, in turn, is anticipated to boost the demand for thread sealants in pipe applications in the oil & gas industry.
  • Increase in offshore activity, rise in manufacture of deeper wells, and growth in usage of horizontal drilling technologies are likely to propel the thread sealants market
  • India has invested US$ 7.5 Bn for the development of LNG terminals in the eastern part of the country. This has boosted the demand refinery pipes, and thereby that for thread sealants.

Automotive Applications to Offer Lucrative Opportunities for Thread Sealants Market

  • Automobile applications of thread sealants are gaining wide popularity and are anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities for thread sealants market in the near future
  • Automobile applications of thread sealants include head bolts, oil PSI sending units, sensors, oil & coolant lines, fuel fittings, rear axle fill plugs, brakes, and power steering fittings
  • Thread sealants can be used in a wide range of temperatures. This make them suitable for automotive applications.
  • The LOCTITE Thread Sealant, manufactured by Henkel Adhesive Technologies is highly consumed  for sealing metal tapered pipe threads and fittings in automotive applications
  • Growth in applications in the DEF systems (Diesel Exhaust Fluid Technology) is likely to offer better opportunities for the thread sealants market. Dripstop 940, manufactured by Hernon Manufacturing Inc., is suitable for DEF systems. It can also be used in various other applications such as fuel line fittings, plated flare fittings, refinery piping, waste treatment plants, hydraulic line fittings, fluid connections, and pipe plugs.

Issues Associated with Curing of Thread Sealants

  •  Curing issues associated with thread sealants are likely to hamper the market. A generally used substance in the piping application, teflon tape can block the contact between the metal and the thread sealant. This makes it difficult for the sealant to cure and can result in leakage.

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Asia Pacific to Hold Significant Share of Global Thread Sealants Market

  • In terms of region, the global thread sealant market can be split into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific is estimated to account for prominent share of the global thread sealants market in the near future owing to the rise in usage of these sealants in automotive and industrial applications
  • Rapid growth in the building & construction industry is propelling the demand for thread sealants, since these sealants provide excellent bonding and joints over open areas
  • Ongoing industrialization and urbanization in the Asia Pacific region; and rise in demand for high performing waterproof joints and bonding are further driving the demand for thread sealants market
  • Increase in demand for thread sealants in automotive, oil refineries, power generation, chemical processing, and other manufacturing sectors is boosting the market in the Asia Pacific region

Key Players in Thread Sealants Market

The global thread sealants market is moderately concentrated, with the top manufacturers accounting for major share. Prominent players operating in the global thread sealant market seek to enter into partnerships for the development of thread sealant applications.

Key players operating in the wood truss market include:

  • Henkel Ag & Company KGaA
  • Hb Fuller Company
  • 3M Company
  • Deacon Industries, Inc
  • La-Co Industries, Inc
  • Hernon Manufacturing Inc
  • Swagelok Company
  • LASCO Fittings, Inc
  • Spears Manufacturing Company
  • RectorSeal

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