Thermoelectric Generator Module to Fix Wastage of Energy

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Schematic design and voltage as a functioning of the existing FlexTEG module help to operate at different temperature gradients. A research team from Osaka University developed a flexible thermoelectric generator (FlexTEG) module which is comparatively inexpensive. Thus, the TE module is applicable for large-scale usage. This module offers high mechanical reliability for highly efficient power generation.

The Advanced Materials Technologies journal released the results of the research and module.

Continuous changes in instructions for using electrodes and usage of effective packaging are boosting adoption of semiconductor in several applications. While the FlexTEG module offers that flexibility in a uniaxial direction; thus it found applications across numerous places.

This efficiency and thermoelectric alteration along with collection of waste heat for enhancing the mechanical reliability. Thus, the module uses the semiconductor chip for lowering the mechanical stress.

Effects of FlexTEG on Lives:

In the coming future, the society will be strong and interconnected by the numerous Internet-based technologies. This thermoelectric system is able to generate the power by recovering the heat emitted in the environment effectively. Also, it encourages the usage of this system to handle next-generation IoT device.

However, high production cost of the module which is limiting application of the technology, especially across the space sector. The usage of the thermoelectric semiconductor chip for its high packaging applications recovers the wastage of heat.

Lead author of research Tohru Sugahara said that heat resistance of semiconductor packaging material and flexibility of module. Also, conversion of thermoelectric generator module is effective for recovery of waste heat about 1500C. Conventional semiconductor packaging solutions are using this module for maximizing production with lowering the cost of module.

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