Theobromine Market Projections for the Coming Years

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Theobromine is chemical substance derived from the Theobroma cocoa beans. It is used in chocolates, and other food materials, also possess higher therapeutic properties. These compounds influence in a positive way moods and state of alertness. It is a similar compound as caffeine, however, no or fewer side effects on human body.  According to recent studies, theobromine can be considered a safe and natural substitute in the treatment of a few human diseases and it may serve as a major compound for the development of novel drugs. Thus, looking at various emerging applications of theobromine global market is expected to grow significantly. Theobromine is also present in various plants but tea, chocolates, and cocoa beans are major sources of it. It is also known as Riddovydrin, Riddospas, Theobrominum, Seominal, Theominal and Theoguardenal etc. Theobromine has been traditionally being used as medicine in some parts of the world.

Theobromine Market Segmentation

Theobromine market is segmented on the basis of its applications in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, research and other applications etc. The pharmaceutical market segment grabs a major share of global theobromine market as it possesses various therapeutic properties and used in diuretic medicines, asthma treatment and heart health management etc. Theobromine is known as mood improver and beneficial for sport personal and hence market demand from sports nutrition is higher, and its applications in food market segment are expected to grow significantly. The research segment is another market segment where demand is steady and researchers use theobromine for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. Theobromine is also used as an inhibitor of copper corrosion thus finds application in industries.

Theobromine market is further segmented on the basis of its different grades such as pharma grade and food grade. The different grades or types of theobromine are demanded by food applications and pharmaceutical users.

The theobromine market is further segmented into five key regions such as Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Asia Pacific is a major exporter market for theobromine as growing application in food and pharmaceutical industries globally.

Theobromine Global Market Trends and Market Drivers:

Theobromine provides a wide range of benefits to the human body as well as possess various therapeutic properties. Theobromine helps to energize human nervous system while at the same time also exerts a relaxing effect on the brain. It also helps in mood positive mood change and positive effects on the human nervous system. These versatile characteristics expected to fuel theobromine market demand over the forecast period. Theobromine also used in sports nutrition, thus growing demand from sports nutrition and other food applications is another factor driving market demand for theobromine in the global marketplace. Also increasing demand from chocolate industry is fueling market demand for theobromine. Theobromine is useful in metal corrosion and hence it is a point of interest of various scientists and research organizations are studying effects and various applications of theobromine and research on therapeutic grade theobromine are growing these are other major factors fueling market demand for theobromine in the global marketplace.

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Over consumption of theobromine can lead to poisoning, due to the acute or chronic consumption of large quantities of theobromine. According to a few studies, there is a possible connection between theobromine and an increased risk of prostate cancer in older men. These are the factors restraining the growth of global theobromine market.

Theobromine Market Key Players:

The market for Theobromine is highly fragmented with a large number of regional and international players. Few key players in global theobromine market include, Hema Pharmaceutical Pvt.Ltd., Kores (India) Ltd., Wuhan HengHeDa Pharm Co., Ltd.,Nutra green Bio, Surya Life Sciences Ltd., T.& D. MIDEAST LIMITED,  Pioneer Pharm China Co.Ltd., Surya Life Sciences  Ltd.

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