The U.S. to Regain Semiconductor Superpower Position Using New Technology


The United States has been facing the chip crisis even before the onset of the pandemic, her long-standing dominance in microelectronic manufacturing and innovation. Its dominance in these areas is now eroding over the past few decades. Now regaining the same position in the world market remains a matter of economic pride and reason for national security.

Lately, a team of MIT researchers has written a white paper known as ‘Reasserting U.S. Leadership in Microelectronics.’ The report lays out the strategies for universities to help the government reposition itself as a pioneer in the global arena as semiconductor research and manufacturing, using new technology and a highly-skilled workforce to its advantage.

Repositioning of the Leadership 

In the quest to regain the lost leadership in microelectronics manufacturing, the research team clearly says that it is evident that the universities will be playing a significant role. The team’s goal is to leverage the vast resources and talents available with American universities by strategizing a well-balanced approach.

However, the downside is that many students do not enroll for hard tech in fields like computer science, and for regaining the global position, a tremendous workforce is crucial. The universities will need hands-on lab courses, exciting internships, enriching research experiences, support from mentors, and fellowships at all levels to attract the students.

The nation now has to rely on academic labs to create innovations heavily. It needs to invest more in the university infrastructure as many existing ones are on the verge of becoming obsolete. Start-ups also play a crucial role in innovations, and the universities are incubation centers for entrepreneurial activities. Therefore, harnessing the full potential of the universities will need well-crafted strategies.

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