The Appetite for More Lithium Leading to Establish New Sources in Geothermal Energy

Industry Insights

With the continuous enhancement in technology, there is a constant surge in the appetite for lithium because of its use in mobile phones, computers, tablets, and a host of gadgets. Further, lithium is essential for electric vehicles and battery storage facilities. 


The country of Cornwell is undertaking constant efforts to tap natural resources’ areas to identify local sources for lithium. 


Geothermal Energy to Help in Green Transition


Geothermal energy may pave the way for this nascent sector progress in the next few years. Geothermal Engineering Ltd. Having its base in Cornish town, Redruth specializes in developing and carrying out geothermal projects. It collaborates with Cornish Lithium via a joint venture dubbed GeoCubed. Simultaneously, GEL is also working on a trial project that aims to extract lithium from geothermal waters. 


The project aims to make lithium hydroxide, an essential component of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, viable for production using natural resources like geothermal water with zero carbon footprint. 


Such projects in Cornwall are music to the ears when the world faces concerns over sustainability and ESG. Further, maintaining the security of the global supply chain is another concern when the counties like Argentina, China, Chile, and Australia dominate the lithium production.


Since the automotive manufacturers are pushing electric vehicles forward and increasing their number on roads, the push to expand renewable sources of energy is the need of the hour. Therefore, access to less intensive and more local commercial availability will be an essential factor in the future. 


Julia Poliscanova, Director for e- mobility, Transport, and Environment Campaign, Brussels says, lithium remains irreplaceable for all our green transitions. She further adds it must come from circular business models, primarily through recycling. 

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