TELUS focused on 5G’s Transformative Powers

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Like everywhere in the world, British Columbia is gearing for the rollout of 5G that would take the communication to the next level. 5G spells hyper-connectivity. It’s a massive leap from 1G that gave us our very first cellular phones. And 5G’s precursor, the 4G, enabled fast wireless speeds we are used to today.

With 5G far more can be accomplished such as self-driving cars, futuristic smart cities, highly coordinated drones, and ultra-sophisticated robots. They would also pave the way for more cutting-edge innovations.

In the month of November, Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance in Vancouver displayed the game changing, it could even be life-saving, potential of a 5G-enabled future. The forum saw the presence of leading wireless operators, namely TELUS. Other noteworthy manufacturers, vendors, and research institutes were also present to talk about 5G enabled future having unlimited potential.

At the forum, for example, TELUS showed a few of the futuristic applications of 5G both in the private and business sector. It included a smart system that would enable caregivers to keep a tab on the dementia patients leveraging an app. The app can zoom in on the location of the patient with the help of a connected bracelet. TELUS also showed smart vest meant for emergency workers which gives experts sitting far away from the accident location a birds-eye view of a spill or hazardous fire.

TELUS is already seen working hard on laying the ground for the deployment of 5G in British Columbia and elsewhere via its high quality fibre optic network. Those can transfer massive amounts of information at lightening speed.

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