Technology to do its Share to Redefine Healthcare

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Mostly, when businesses initially explore the potential of new technology, the tendency is to find how it fits in their current ecosystem. They often miss to understand its deep implications. If asked what businesses expect from new technology, faster horses they would say – which goes with the quote attributed to Henry Ford. Generally, as observed, businesses start using new technology to revamp processes that they do not need to. On the contrary, businesses need to first question themselves to know their existing capabilities.

In hindsight, for businesses, data-driven technological advancements have had significant impact to transform the system itself. Such technologies have transformed a number of industries such as media, retail, and transportation. Consumers have experienced the tangible impact of data-driven technologies.

Healthcare at Crossroads to Experience Transformation of Cutting-edge Technologies

However, healthcare is yet to experience this transformation. Only superficially, though at their best, data-driven technologies have impacted healthcare so far. For example, in healthcare, IT systems came into use to computerize paper processing, which involved transferring data into computers and call them electronic health records (EHR). With the switch, paper processing and its related tasks such as filing cabinets came to an end.

Today, a slew of cutting-edge technologies allows healthcare to address greatest challenges pertaining to data that it faces. The need to manage this data is a task too. However, this is soon going to change. With the help of wearables, genomics, and digitally connected consumer electronics that are based on cutting-edge technologies, the scale of health signal to be generated, in terms of speed and reliability were never dreamt of.

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