Startup ChargedUp picks up Seed Funding to Expand Services in UK

With smartphones today a necessity for everyday functioning, dying battery problems especially when outdoors remains unaddressed. To make work-related calls, to stay connected with a nanny giving care to kids at home, and also to receive alerts for an ailing family member in the hospital, smartphones help to do it all irrespective of the location. However, dying phone battery, at a time, when the smartphone needs to be free of


In case UK plans to emerge as world environmental leader, it needs to stop sweeping its plastic garbage problems under the carpet of other nations, says a report by UK think-tank named Policy Connect. It also needs to implement a strict national policy. This will decrease the amount of plastic in the oceans, and improve the investment in domestic infrastructure, and green jobs. 12 inter-party politicians support this ‘Plastic Packaging Plan’.

Protector Vehicle

The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF) and General Atomics struck a deal to overhaul the former’s remotely piloted Protector RG MK1 fleet. The deal involves fitting critical detect-and-avoid technology to the Protector RG MK1 fleet. Once the deal completes, the reaper fleet of the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force will be passé. The contract is yet to be announce officially. Nevertheless, the capability will be part of the upgrades


Uptill now, the only planet filled with robots is, Mars. This is because of the time duration taken for directions to make a trip to Mars – eight minutes one-way. It has hand guided robots that are constrained to touring just a couple of dozen meters per day. However, a new software created in the UK will change this. It will help Mars drifters in coming years to decide for