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Elon Unveils Tesla’s ‘Best in The World’ Chips for Self-Driving Cars

Yesterday, Elon Musk, the flashy founder of Tesla unveiled a new chip for automated vehicles. He was speaking at Tesla’a first ever ‘Autonomy Day’ with investors. He said, the new chips will deliver full self-driving capabilities to next-generation Tesla’s. Elon also announced his prediction that there will be more than one million self-driving Tesla cars on the road by 2020. Elon spoke frankly as usual. According to him, many did

Self-Driving Cars Experience Trouble With Darker Skin

AI is not new to human-like troubles. Recently, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon’s facial recognition technology was in news due to its bias against people with darker skin tones. The self-driving cars have met with a similar fate. Georgia Tech scientists have analyzed a mass footage, in which self-driving cars had trouble detecting people with darker skin tones. Georgia Tech researchers analyzed videos from Berkekely, New York, San Jose, and San

Driverless Vehicles to add Traffic Congestion Woes, say analysts

Traffic snarls and traffic congestion are already woes of drivers today. Let self-driving cars hit the road to make the situation worse. How? These self-driving cars will be cruising on road to save hefty parking charges in downtown areas. To make it worse, self-driving cars will be cruising on roads at lower speeds as it is economical. So much so, self-driving cars will move at a crawling speed to kill