This Rose for 2 Cents Can Purify Water

We have all admired roses for its beauty, but little did we imagine about the intricacies of its design. Scientists have developed a design to purify water that resembles a rose. What’s more interesting to know is that this flower-like purifier will only cost 2 cents per piece. The current solar steaming techniques are expensive. And thus this method can change the dynamics of water purification in the future. Donglei

Scientists Make Key Discoveries in Understanding Global Warming

Global warming is a prevailing concern around the world. A New study states that increased volcanic activity caused some of the biggest natural calamities on earth. Additionally, current oceanic temperatures are leading to rise in multicellular marine species, similar to earlier events. Furthermore, the research team also discovered that ice age period lasted for over several million years. Earlier studies believed the ice age was a brief transition. However, the

Mushrooms May Be Key to Preventing Memory Loss, Say Scientists

Mushrooms may be the new home-made remedy for preventive cognitive decline. Two standard portions of mushrooms per week can do the trick. This diet resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in the probability of cognitive memory loss, in a recent study. According to the researchers, a compound known as ergothioneine or ET may be driving the reduction in MCI probability. Correspondingly, the compound possesses unique anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

More Grass Needed for Better Smiling Blueberries, Discover Scientists

A recent study published in Frontiers in Plant Science states that grass growth near blueberries corrects iron deficiencies. Grass growth also leads to higher yield and better quality in blueberries. Currently, commercial production of blueberries involves the widespread use of chemical fertilizers. Iron plays an important role in the function of plant molecules. Iron is essential for processes such as chlorophyll formation and subsequent photosynthesis. According to the researchers, natural

Researchers Solve the Age Old Mystery of Immunity Status

Age is likely to become just a number in the near future. Scientists have discovered a way to identify the age of our immunity system. The research lays down foundation for uncovering the real immunity status of patients. The immune system is a complex network of various cells. It is critical for a healthy functioning body. Hence, the researching team has developed a metric known as IMM-AGE, which correctly categorizes

Scientists Testing Rover in Mars-like Environment

Scientists have deployed a robotic rover in the Atacama Desert in Chile – most similar environment of Mars on Earth. Deployment of this robot in the Mars-like Chilean Desert intends to find signs of life. However this robotic rover has recovered various subsurface soil samples at the time of a trial mission. Researchers have found distributed patches of unusual microbes in those samples, which proved to water availability and scarce


A new discovery has found way for a better understanding of brain diseases. The method employs high-resolution method to analyze single cells. The finding is the work of a team of researchers under the aegis of the Medical Center at the University of Freiburg. Consequent upon this, researchers have mapped the brain’s own immune systems in human as well as mice. The mapping is entirely new from the ones in


Stellenbosch University’s pollination biologist has come up with a new idea of using quantum dots to individual pollen grains. These quantum dots help the scientist to track pollen grains, mostly carried by the insects. Therefore, it would also aid the scientists to determine the whole pollination process of a flower. However pollination scientists are concentrating more on transferring pollen by a pollinator. Their aim is to know – whether the


All your life, you must be traveling to several places. But, what makes your brain remember only a few of them? Ever wondered? Scientists at Columbia University find that a certain type of cells in our brain decide which places are important. Thus, helping us remember the route only to these locations. As a result, the scientists feel that this breakthrough could also help them find answers to psychiatric disease


At least 5% of the world’s population suffers from some form of speech ailment. While some are curable, many do not have complete cure. However, scientists from Columbia University in the United States may have just got the solution for it. Their recent research shows that a technology can read brain signals and translate them into speech. Therefore, this will help several people with speech ailment or paralysis to communicate.