Rethinking Machine Vision: New Brain Mapping to Improve AI?

Brain is one of the most interesting parts in an organism. It has been confounding and astonishing scientists with its depths in terms of function and mechanism in equal measure. Thus, it comes as no surprise that even after all these years of research, there are still territories left uncharted. To better understand brain’s visual system organisation, scientist undertook a study on marmosets, delving deep into whole-brain connectivity. It is


In a breakthrough development, neuroscientists have found a focal pathway to induce immediate laughter in the brain. The brain if electrically galvanized causes immediate laughter is the finding of research carried out by neuroscientists at the Emory University School of Medicine. Followed by immediate laughter, the stimulation causes a feeling of calmness and happiness. In order to validate the finding, neuroscientists gave electrical stimulation to the brain of an epilepsy