Multifactor Authentication Market

Global Multifactor Authentication Market to Expand with a CAGR of 17.7% due to Growing Concerns over the Data Security

Multi-factor authentication can be considered to be an emerging sector of the identity access management and may utilize many-fold methods of authentication to verify a user’s identity. Authenticating user identity ensures security during online transactions, while logging into online services, and accessing corporate resources. Credentials that have been compromised are the key cause resulting breach of data. Multi-factor authentication is thus utilized by enterprises in order to administer an extra

Multifactor Authentication Market: Biometric Authentication Is Boosting The Growth | Expand with a 17.7% CAGR

Transparency Market Research (TMR) observers the global multi-factor authentication market has a highly fragmented vendor landscape. The presence of numerous companies in the market is expected to further fragment the market. Some of the companies operating in the multifactor authentication market are Gemalto, EMC, Entrust, and Vasco. These players are increasingly taking part in business activities such as collaborations and mergers & acquisitions. Additionally, they are focusing on product innovation and improvement.