MIT’s AI Model Promises Hope for Breast Cancer Patients

Researchers at MIT recently demonstrated a risk-prediction model for breast cancer patients. The model placed 31 percent women in high-risk category, accurately. Traditional risk-prediction model only identified 18% of such patients. The AI program received training using the records of over 60,000 patients. This training resulted in advanced capabilities of the program to detect subtle nuances. These subtle differences will empower physicians to detect breast cancer as early as five

New Monitoring System warns imminent repairs in small Electric Devices

Researchers at MIT devise a new monitoring system for electric devices within a factory, ship, or building. The system performs round the clock monitoring of electric devices that are in use. If desired parameters not satisfied, it signals for imminent repairs. To validate, the monitoring system tested on a Coast Guard cutter for its functioning. As a result, the system pointed out a motor with burnt-out wiring. If missed, the