Facebook Launches an Autonomous Manager for Small Businesses

Facebook announced a launch of an automated advertisement manager for small businesses this week. The announcement is quite opportune as it comes during the National Small Business Week in the country. The new program aims at small businesses with one or two people handling the entire affair. The automated manager will engage small business owners with basic queries regarding the nature of their business. Additionally, the soft tool will also

Apple's Video Service Draws Big Stars

Everybody in tech business seems to be running after catchy video content. Apple is no exception. The company announced a subscription-based model, yesterday. As expected, few fans have become as busy as a bee in promoting the new Apple TV+. The details of its pricing are still unavailable. Although the video subscription is not an innovative idea. It has casted its magical spell on some really big Hollywood stars. For


For Facebook users it’s high time their browsing history on Facebook, and the sites they have visited is not shared using their Facebook accounts. Such practices from Facebook, which have also been a reason of some high profile privacy breach, have landed the social media giant in a soup. For this, Facebook does not want to tarnish its image any more. To pacify agitated users, Facebook is launching its ‘clear

Facebook introduces tool for users to know Label behind Ad targeting

Facebook users having woes of compromise of personal information now have a sigh of relief. The social media giant’s initiative of last year to crack down non-consensual ad targeting will finally bear results. Facebook’s plan involves advertisers need to pledge to have permission to upload a user’s personal information. This information is email address, phone number or some other personal information. While the tool for crackdown debuted in June last


Facebook plans to invest US$ 300 million in the next three years to increase its focus on local news. The idea will boost journalism, especially in Western nations where the industry is facing crisis. The move comes after Facebook had announced in early 2018 to de-emphasize news stories and videos, prioritizing posts from friends. Facebook will Partner with Reputed News Publications To test the interest levels among users for local


Vietnam launched a set of strict cyber-security laws at the start of the year. However, Facebook disregarded the laws imposed by the Southeast Asian nation. As a result, Vietnam wants to bring Facebook under legal scrutiny for violating its laws. Vietnam News, a state-controlled media platform, recently revealed Facebook’s breach of Vietnamese cyber laws. Facebook witnessed accusations of allowing users to post anti-government and defamatory content. A report published by

Sundar Pichai Assures Capability of Tech Industry Tackle AI Worries

With artificial intelligence proliferating in most technological domains, many issues regarding its safety have cropped up recently. However, Google’s Sundar Pichai gave a word of assurance that the tech industry can handle the upcoming challenges. Regulation of AI Manufacturing Should Receive Boost Pichai stated that the tech industry is capable enough to properly control how AI works. The entire talk was included in a report published a couple of day

Social Media

Heavy use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapachat, and Instagram is likely to make a person more depressed and feel lonely. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania carried out a study on 143 undergraduate. The result showed that that extreme use of social media might lead to poor health and can make a person depressed. The study was published in the Journal of Social and