Huawei unveiled a next-generation chipset, called the Kunpeng 920 on Monday. The new chipset will power Huawei’s new TaiShan server. However, after launching the chipset Huawei had to face constant accusations from the U.S. The latter said that the Chinese government can use the chipset to spy on the U.S. citizens. However, Huawei has ensured such hindrances would not affect the smooth running of its business. Huawei’s chief strategy marketing officer


An African ISP made a tremendous mistake, which led good data for search and other services such as cloud services went off the target on last Monday, November, 12. It is reported that the data was sent in a complete wrong way when an African ISP, MainOne Cable, which is present in Nigeria, went to update their address books. This step was taken for key network hardware. It was claimed