Artificial Intelligence (AI), though presently latent, is signaling to disrupt the job market across industries. The inroad it is making heralds to eat into careers as varied as advertising, accountancy, news reporting, and more. Its mainstreaming may lead to major loss of jobs in an economy. However, some industries are contending to receive assistance from AI for a wholly positive impact. Healthcare is one poised to leap exponentially with the


Among the two internets, one will be leading by China and the other one by the United States. The concept of this fragmented future internet dubbed as “splinternet”, which will run by different services. Furthermore, two separate governments would also regulate this ‘Splinternet’. Although, the unified definition of ‘Splinternet’ is still unclear. However, the Chinese and American apps and services would dominate half of the future internet which is clearly


Until two years ago, most political and business leaders across the globe were almost unaware of Artificial Intelligence. Today, the technology promises to revolutionize business processes. Yet, many continue to remain ignorant about it. A study finds that China is making rapid progress in AI, beating the U.S. Further, the study shows that 84% Chinese business leaders believe in AI, while only 38% representatives from the U.S. agree. Also, 25%


Chinese scientists have planted a cotton seed on the moon, which has officially sprouted. This marks the first time humans have succeeded in growing biological matter on a planet other than earth. Before this, astronauts have successfully grown plants such as sunflower, lettuce on the International Space Station or ISS. According to Prof. Xie Gengxin, dean of Advanced Technology, such giant steps open the door to future survival in space.


Chinese researchers are trying to improve the technology for attempting perfect human gene-editing technology. Recent work by researcher He Jiankui is controversial due to his claim of using the gene-editing tool known as Crispr. He has used the tool on twin girls when they were embryos; thus, he is facing more criticism. Less controversial usage of the tool is generally on the adults. The researcher is thinking to push limits


This year’s biggest showdown has been the trade war between China and the U.S. It all started with the U.S. slapping import duties on several Chinese goods, and the latter reciprocating with similar measures. This has rattled economies world over. Experts predict global growth to slow down owing to the face-off. Given the magnitude of the situation, all hopes are now set on the G20 summit in Argentina. Everyone is


An African ISP made a tremendous mistake, which led good data for search and other services such as cloud services went off the target on last Monday, November, 12. It is reported that the data was sent in a complete wrong way when an African ISP, MainOne Cable, which is present in Nigeria, went to update their address books. This step was taken for key network hardware. It was claimed


On Monday, several Google services such as cloud and search services were disrupted when an internet diversion that rerouted internet traffic through China and Russia took place. According to the reports, the service interruptions continued for oddly two hours, which ended at 5:30 pm. Google underscoring the matter, admitted the service interruption on a network status page and believed that the cause was external to Google. The company did added


Trade tensions between China and the U.S. have become more strained, with the U.S. standing firm on its decision to not resume trade negotiations with China until China comes up with a specific way of stopping the alleged stealing of technology. This impasse could likely jeopardize a meeting scheduled to happen towards the end of November between the presidents of the two countries at the G-20 meeting. Previously, there had