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Synthego Mops up US$110 mn to Democratize Gene Editing Technologies

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CEO of Synthego Paul Dabrowski feels that genetically engineered cells made from genetic technologies could prove to be expensive for end users. To tackle the problem, Dabrowski started working with Synthego where he could actively partake in the process of democratizing access to latest technologies to enable researchers, scientists, and consumers new methods to rewrite codes to redefine human existence.

With this motive in mind, his California-based company Synthego has moped up US$110 mn from investors. It plans to utilize the amount to make gene editing technologies easily accessible to people. Once that is achieved, the cost of therapies would come down too.

Hence with the substantial funding, Synthego would now focus on increasing its outreach and developing full stack platform capabilities.

The research and development in the field would enable them to launch newer services to the market. To be more specific, the funding would find usage in two areas. First, building CRISPR kits capable of creating different genetic lines depending on the requests from researchers and scientists. Second, for developing materials considered “clinical-grade.” The latter means they could be leveraged in clinical trials on animals as well as human subjects.

Overall, the demand for the aforementioned products are high.

Synthego has raised almost US$166 mn in funding so far to develop its technology that allows research and development based on gene editing tool called CRISPR faster and economical both.
By providing researchers one-click access to engineered cells having editing facilities, Synthego aims to cut down the time for experiments to bring about more cutting-edge results in cell and gene therapy.

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