Supercharging battery development of EV’s a reality with AI

Supercharging battery development of EV’s a reality with AI


Battery is an essential component of any electric vehicle. The EV experience of a person is depends on the battery life. Furthermore, for improving the experience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can prove to be a boon for upgrading battery technology in every aspect in a lesser time span.

A boost for battery technology research

Battery technology evolution has been slow over the decades. This is because of the time required for the research. A new AI method invented by a group of researchers has put an end to all these obstacles. The new machine-learning based method cuts testing time span by 98 percent. Battery testing involves a lot of research at every step. Mere intuitions do not help. Therefore, trying and applying various methods is time consuming. To save this time, the new AI system has implemented a method that will identify the ideal approach for the specified testing and save the researchers form conducting a lot of unnecessary experiments.

Wider scope

The new AI technology can be used in various areas of battery technology research. From determining the size and shape to developing the chemistry inside the battery, this technology will definitely accelerate every process to a great extent. Furthermore. This technology is not only useful for battery technology. It can also be implemented in other areas. Therefore, intense research involving sectors such as drug development can use this technology for sure. This AI method is sure to revolutionize various industries. Furthermore, we can also expect the advent of newer and reliable technologies within a short span. This technology can also help renewable energy resources such as wind and solar energy to advance over time. Consequently, this will lead to energy saving and will also benefit the mankind.

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