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Sulfur dyes are high molecular weight compounds that are obtained from the reaction of sulfur or sulfides with phenols and amines. There are many colorants available in the market that contain sulfur however, only those dyes that are soluble in water after reacting with sodium sulphide in alkaline conditions are known to be sulfur dyes. The exact chemical structure of sulfur dyes are not known as the molecules of sulfur dyes are highly complex in nature. Amino derivatives, nitro, aminobiphenyls, nitrobenzenes, substituted naphthalenes, indophenols, azines and oxazine among others can be part of sulfur dyes.
Sulfur is an integral part of polysulfide and chromophore side chains present in the sulfur dyes. Sulfur dyes are insoluble in water however, under alkaline conditions it gets easily converted into leuco forms. Sulfur dyes in leuco forms soluble in water and also exhibit higher affinity for fibers. Sulfur dyes are further converted into insoluble state after it is absorbed in the fibers.  Sodium hydrogensulfyde and sodium sulfide  are generally used in reducing the sulfur dyes.  Sulfur dyes are inexpensive and thus are widely used in the dyeing industry. Most of the sulfur dyes manufactured are the sulfur black color which can be widely used in a range of fabrics. Common salt when used with sulfur dyes acts as a catalyst which facilitates the absorption process. Sulfur dyes find major applications in the textile industry.
Increasing population coupled with rising disposable income is expected to boost the overall growth of textile industry. Growing textile industry is expected to further augment the overall demand for sulfur dyes. Sulfur dyes are one of the most abundantly used dyes in the textile industry. Most of the sulfur dyes manufactured are used in the cotton textile industry. In addition, easy availability of sulfur dyes at cheap price makes it a suitable choice as an alternative for most of the dyes. Sulfur dyes are inexpensive, cheap and can be washed as well as applied easily.
Owing to the presence of many benefits the overall demand for sulfur dyes is expected to grow in the near future. In addition, sulfur dyes exhibit excellent bleaching properties making it a suitable dye in the textile industry. However, growing environmental awareness coupled with presence of stringent government regulations is expected to restrain the overall growth of the market. Sulfur dyes are known as an effluent contaminant and hence, their use in restricted to some extent. Thus, the toxic properties of sulfur dye are expected to hamper the overall growth of the market.
Asia Pacific is expected to be the largest producer as well as consumer of the overall sulfur dye market. China is expected to be the largest manufacturer of sulfur dye mainly owing to the presence of large number of small scale manufacturers in the country. Rest of the World is expected to gradually grow as the consumer of sulfur dye. However, the sulfur dye market is anticipated to grow at slow rate owing to the presence of stringent regulations in Europe and North America.
Venus Dye Chem, Sinochem tianjin Co., Ltd., Qingdao Sanhuan Colorchem Co., Ltd. and ABS LABORATORIES are some of the major participants in sulfur dyes market. The company’s mainly strive to increase their production efficiency and also to develop environmental friendly bio-based products to achieve competitive advantage.

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